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Those who love the slightly bitter but incredibly refreshing aftertaste of a beer, will surely know how well this beverage complements every meal and enhances certain flavors. Homebrewing can become a true hobby that can also help you achieving a satisfying result for your palate.

We currently have in stock on our Mr. Malt online store special beer kits that allow you to reproduce this refreshing and tasty beverage on your own. A beer kit consists of all the essential elements for creating your own craft beer, using special fermenters, various types of malt, hops, yeast, etc.

Mr. Malt provides some special beer kits to craft your beer at home, where malt grains are already weighed, as well as the hops and yeast. The taste difference that will make a beer a blonde (Beer Kit Helles), an amber (Beer Kit E+G Amber Ale), a double malt (Beer Kit E+G Kangaroo Pale Ale), or a white (Beer Kit Blanche) one, depends on the type of grain chosen and the recipe for its production, already included in the beer kit.

This artisanal production method is undoubtedly a real help for those who want to take their first steps as homebrewers. In the beer kit, there are also valuable recipe books and guidelines essential to make the production of your craft beer easier.