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In 2008, Baladin brewery launched the first "Open" Italian beer whose recipe was published online to allow all homebrewers to produce a clone of this beer using the All-Grain method. The idea behind the revolutionary "Open Baladin" project revolves around sharing: from published recipes to new distribution channels, the goal is to weave brewing experiences from around the world. Three new beer kits interpreting the Open Baladin recipes are born from the collaboration between Mr. Malt and Baladin... and the dream of many homebrewers comes true!

In All Grain Beer Kits you will find malt in the right quantities, hops already weighed, and yeast, along with the recipe that will guide you step by step in brewing the beer. To use the kits in this section, additional equipment is required compared to the fermentation kit --> Equipment required for brewing with the All-Grain method